Alegacy Group was formed by Principals Bob Nickles and Bo Pierce in 2013 to be the parent company and General Partner of all Alegacy Entities.

During our early meetings, along with co-founders Will Reyes and Minnie Telaroli, the culture and intent of leaving “a legacy” with any new venture became apparent; thus was born the name “Alegacy”.

Alegacy Equipment was formed with the intent of becoming the premier independent gas compressor packager. In our combined past we’ve built more than 5,000 compressor packages, exceeding 4 million horsepower and surpassing $3 billion revenue. In the first five years of Alegacy Equipment, we’ve already sold over $ 800 million of new compressor packages. Will Reyes serves as Managing Partner for Alegacy Equipment.

Alegacy Development originated to build a superior extra heavy crane-served industrial park for use of like/kind businesses to its sister company, Alegacy Equipment. At this time, Alegacy Development already has in excess of 270,000 SF under-roof.

Bob Nickles

Bob’s career has been centered on energy services, in particularly natural gas compression. He began with Nickles Machine as Project Engineer and worked through the ranks as Engineering Manager, Plant Manager, VP of Operations, President and CEO. Ultimately, he established Nickles Industrial as the largest independent parts, service and repair organization in the industry; NI was later sold to Cameron. While with Cameron Bob served as VP of Sales and Marketing and also as VP of Operations. Bob was an equity investor and COO of Valerus Compression Services, which was sold to TPG. Currently Bob serves on the Regional Advisory Board for First Financial Bank, Fast Fusion LLC, Frisco Professional Building Investors and is Managing Director of 3MCB Investments and Nickles5 Investments. He currently serves on the Finance Council of Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church. Mr. Nickles earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering Design Technology from Oklahoma State University.

Robert “Bo” Pierce

Bo previously served as founder and President of SEC Energy Products and Services. SEC grew to be one of the largest Compressor Packagers in the industry and was ultimately sold to Regency, a division of Energy Transfer. Prior to SEC, Bo acted as Sr. VP of Hanover Compressor Company (now Exterran) and was responsible for all plant operations globally. Mr. Pierce previously served as Director for Collicutt Energy Services and as Chairman for Belleli Energy and President of Waller ISD Board of Trustees. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Boys and Girls Country. Mr. Pierce retired from Alegacy in 2017.